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Monthly Archives: June 2015

One of my favourite photos #5 – Mom and Calf Elephant

Elephants are in dire trouble in Africa and Asia due to the constant demand for Ivory. China has recently put a moratorium on trade in Ivory, yet the numbers dying and the large seizures at world airports, continue. I thought I would share a magic moment that I had in Kenya’s Masai Mara while I was […]

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10 years of Nature Photography at Bushy Park, 2005-2015.

Way back in the days of a thing called Velvia film (1998- 2000), I used to hike around Richmond Park taking nature images of all manner of things (I had just arrived in the UK). Then digital cameras started to take a foothold in the market, and I started to look at a system to […]

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One of my favourite photos #4 – Khaleej Pheasant

Not all of my favourite photographs that you will see here are of spectacular beasties in prizewinning light. That is not what photography is all about. To me, first and foremost, it has to be about the story. Every photograph you take is a moment it time, and I guess, that in itself could be […]

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