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Monthly Archives: August 2015

One of my favourite photos #8 – White Rhino and…

While editing this image that I took back in 2010, I was about to toss it into the digital trash, when something caught my eye and stopped me. I mean, let’s face it, the background is a mess, it is too tight a crop, it was an overcast day, the poor creature is a bloody […]

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One of my favourite photos #7 – Arctic Fox

12 photographers, standing in semi-circle after trudging across the cold, mushy tundra. Our guides had us leave our bags behind as we made our way forward to a sleeping adult Arctic Fox. Meanwhile, two young adolescent cubs had crept behind us and were sniffing our wet camera bags. The bags were duly marked as part of […]

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Climate Change – the reason why I wrote the Kyle Gibbs series

  Back in 2007, I started thinking about writing a non-fiction book covering the science and possible effects of climate change on our planet, and I wanted to focus on the effect that man was having on it. As time progressed, and the pile of research documents grew ever larger, I began to understand why […]

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