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From a young age, I sketched wildlife drawings taken from photos I’d torn out of South African wildlife magazines. At the age of 13, I got my first SLR camera. A Ricoh KR-5 with a 50mm lens, and with that wildlife background, my photographic journey began.

It was a disappointing realisation that you cannot photograph wildlife properly with a 50mm lens. My eagerness to capture moments in time was undiminished with equipment and technology changing dramatically. I shot with film back then, but the advent of digital cameras has made the process simpler.

My love for our planet developed in those early years along with the passion for all things wild. This meant my reading, writing, and photography would inevitably follow that path.

Now 35 years later, I live a career drawing inspiration from my appetite to be creative. Nothing beats journeying to wild places to capture diverse wildlife or exploring ancient streets looking for colourful street art and intriguing locals to photograph. Once you pick up a camera and start training it on everything around you, you’ll never perceive the world in the same light again

I hope my desire to document our world through photography will make a small contribution to opening people’s eyes to the beauty and fragility of our planet. If you love beautiful images, why not head over to my portfolio of galleries?

Through my Photography Workshops, I hope to unleash people’s creativity and inspire them to see the world with the “new eyes” that photography brings. Why not join me for a one-to-one session and let me help to bring your creative eye to the fore?

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