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“Kalahari Dream’ is simply about passion.” Passion for a truly wonderful and remote part of Southern Africa, passion for wildlife and passion for conservation. Whether or not you have ever been to the Kalahari Desert, you will love this easy and often emotional read.

It’s a story about Chris Mercer and Beverley Pervan’s Kalahari experience in wildlife rehabilitation

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"Killing for Profit Book Review - Marinovich Books"



Killing for profit is a piece of investigative journalism out of the top draw. Nowadays, with the advent of bloggers and online campaigners, all producing one-sided content to further their own campaigns, it is refreshing to read a book that focused on the facts and both side of the argument.

If you want to understand the greed behind the insidious slaughter of African rhinos, look no further. No one escapes scrutiny, not the South African government, WWF, Chinese and Vietnamese officials, organised criminals or even the revered SAS.

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Badgered to Death