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Split in Twitter accounts.

Time has finally come to split out my Twitter account. All my tweet activity so far has been conducted on the Marinovich Books account, and because the topics and content have become so diverse, I have started a new one for Marinovich Photography and Environmentalism. Marinovich Books This content will be writing, and publishing focused […]

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Overpopulation: The planetary disease we dare not speak of

Humans have become a planetary disease. Overpopulation is the problem. These are sentiments you may not utter in public without scorn or the shake of a head. As an organism, we have become like cancer on this earth, and while we have our natural place in it, our ego stops us seeing that we are […]

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Climate Change – the reason why I wrote the Kyle Gibbs series

  Back in 2007, I started thinking about writing a non-fiction book covering the science and possible effects of climate change on our planet, and I wanted to focus on the effect that man was having on it. As time progressed, and the pile of research documents grew ever larger, I began to understand why […]

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Rhino poaching update in South Africa – What to do?

  Well, another year has passed and the 2014 Rhino deaths due to poaching, have sadly continued to climb (by 211). I looked back to my notes, to 2013, and I had written down a predicted number of 1200, I was short by a few. Above is a graph from the Peace Parks Foundation, using […]

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Abstract Wildlife Photography week #1

Scouting the internet to try and get a simple layman’s definition for “Abstract Art” was quite an interesting task indeed. The definitions were as varied as the art that they represent. “Abstract art is a medium to convey, that, which is implied rather than that which is recognised.” That’s the best I could do to summarise […]

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