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10 years of Nature Photography at Bushy Park, 2005-2015.

Way back in the days of a thing called Velvia film (1998- 2000), I used to hike around Richmond Park taking nature images of all manner of things (I had just arrived in the UK). Then digital cameras started to take a foothold in the market, and I started to look at a system to […]

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Playing in Glaciers

Svalbard is not just about the wonderful and unique wildlife. The environment is different to so many of us, that you cannot but stare, open mouthed, at the vast land and seascapes which you will encounter on your trip there. It is both your starting and ending point on any trip into the Arctic from northern Europe. […]

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March against the slaughter of dolphin in Japan

The slaughter of Dolphin and porpoises in Taiji, Japan, is nothing short of wildlife genocide. There are no other words for it On the 17th January 2015, I joined over 1200 other passionate campaigners on a march through the busy Saturday morning streets of London . We walked (shouting, whistling and waving banners) from Cavendish […]

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Abstract Wildlife Photography week #4

The next one out of Lightroom is a little different to the previous few in that it has been processed using a preset which I found. I am not a great follower of monochrome work, purely, because I love colour more. Occasionally I will dabble in converting files to a more moody tone or black […]

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