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One of my favourite photos #9 – Black-winged Stilt

Birds should be photographed in colour. They are by nature, colourful, vibrant and due to a wonderful global biodiversity, interesting to photograph. I have occasionally shot silhouettes of larger birds of prey, storks or herons, but never anything smaller. So when I left the Olifants camp in the Kruger National Park before sunrise and stopped […]

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One of my favourite photos #8 – White Rhino and…

While editing this image that I took back in 2010, I was about to toss it into the digital trash, when something caught my eye and stopped me. I mean, let’s face it, the background is a mess, it is too tight a crop, it was an overcast day, the poor creature is a bloody […]

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One of my favourite photos #7 – Arctic Fox

12 photographers, standing in semi-circle after trudging across the cold, mushy tundra. Our guides had us leave our bags behind as we made our way forward to a sleeping adult Arctic Fox. Meanwhile, two young adolescent cubs had crept behind us and were sniffing our wet camera bags. The bags were duly marked as part of […]

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One of my favourite photos #6 – Musk Ox pair

I am African born and raised, so zero degrees Celsius should be like an apocalyptic movie to me. Weirdly enough I love the cold, so walking in oversized plastic snowshoes behind sleds pulled by dogs, goes a long way to making me a happy man. We hiked up the ice and snow to try to […]

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One of my favourite photos #5 – Mom and Calf Elephant

Elephants are in dire trouble in Africa and Asia due to the constant demand for Ivory. China has recently put a moratorium on trade in Ivory, yet the numbers dying and the large seizures at world airports, continue. I thought I would share a magic moment that I had in Kenya’s Masai Mara while I was […]

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