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Humpback Flukes from Svalbard – Where else have they been sighted?

Whales have always held a fascination for me. It is simply the sheer size of them. My first wild sightings of whale was quite late in life, as I saw my first breaching Southern Right whale in Gaansbaai, South Africa. I was stood on the high cliffs and simply vowed to get closer images some […]

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International Polar Bear Day – Feb 27th

  The wonderful polar bear is one of the most clear examples of how you cannot save an individual species through direct intervention. If you save the Arctic, the Polar bear will endure. It’s all about preserving the eco-system. They need the ice to hunt successfully and maintain their populations. I was lucky to spend some time […]

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Little hyena tykes

They do get so much stick for being smelly and disgusting because, along with vultures, their role is to clean up the grasslands of Africa. Personally, I love spending time with Hyenas, especially if you can find an active den. This was taken at the famous roadside den near Shingwedzi in the Kruger National park. […]

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Birds of Prey Week: Day 7 – Lappet-faced Vulture

Ending off Birds of Prey week, brought some challenges in selecting which final species to showcase. So many fantastic birds to upload. Then I realised that the vulture community (no, not politicians) had not been represented – after that, it was an easy decision. The king of the heap, the Lappet-faced Vulture, taken in the […]

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Birds of Prey Week: Day 6 – Crested Serpent Eagle

Day 6, and one of the birds that eluded me during several of my trips to India, not because they are endangered or rare, but simply because they would simple fly off as we approached. No matter how we approached them in the jeeps, they would just lift their tails and fly. Other folks around […]

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