Long Shadow  Project

My love of the golden light of morning and evening has long influenced my photography.

It began way back in my wildlife and nature photography, and I wanted to do something with my urban work. People hurrying around makes for such frenetic fun so I started there.

Walk-on-by Project

One of the first projects I embarked on, as you do when you start out in urban photography.

Find an interesting door or colourful wall then waiting until the subject walks by. It is so simple and worth doing as you start out

The Wildlife Collection

My love of wildlife goes back further than any of the other genres that I photograph. Whether that was scouring Africa, Europe, India or the cold zones like the Arctic, wildlife and nature were always more important to me than the act of photography.

I have moved on from a career in the wilds to working in the urban spaces documenting the world we Homo sapiens call home.

The Creative Spaces Project

My fascination for creatives and artisans meets my love of photography. I’ve always loved the process of creation more than the created end-product, and marvel at how people visualise and produce different works

This project is about photographing artists, musicians, artisans and craftsmen in their creative workspace, wherever that is.

An ongoing portrait project

 Casual photos of friends and colleagues as I go.