Urban Photography Workshop

 "Street photography workshop in London - Marinovich Photography"

Urban photography session (Bookings closed due to Covid-19)

London is a vibrant city filled with intriguing places, streets and people to photograph. The aim of this walkabout photographic session is to focus on genres like street photography, urban landscapes and street art as we walk and shoot.

On these 4-hour sessions, we’ll walk, discuss shots and reshoot if we need to. Whether it’s the fear of photographing strangers, composing images or technical issues, we’ll work on all of them during the session. Have a look at my Urban Photography Portfolio to see what type of image we could be aiming for

I offer three exciting routes so give me a call (07796757377), and we can discuss which one might best suit you and the genres you like.


“Street photography in London – Marinovich Photography”

Who is the course for?

  • Amateur – you have been taking photos as a hobby, keeping to Program mode and other Automatic settings
  • Intermediate level – You’ve done photography for a few years and are comfortable with Aperture and Shutter speed modes. You have a good understanding of exposure and the basic principles of shooting on Manual but may be scared to do it.


Duration and Price

  • 4-hour session in London (30min theory refresh + 3:30min walk)
  • £150 one-to-one or £250 bring a friend

Equipment Rental

  • If you don’t have your own DSLR Camera and lens, you can rent one from me for the duration of the session. CLICK HERE for more details

The content covered in the course

  • One-to-one Photographic tuition
  • Meet at the nearest railway or tube station for a coffee before we set off
  • Go through some ethics of street and urban photography
  • Get image feedback and critique as you shoot, then re-shoot if necessary
  • Walking and shooting what you want to focus on and learn
  • Experiment with different composition rules
  • Focusing, depth of field, using the histogram if you are not familiar with them
  • Urban Landscapes and Cityscapes
  • Candid photography
  • Abstracts and Patterns
  • Movements – blur, panning
  • Scale (contrasts to show the scale of objects in a city)
  • Parasitism – Use street signs, graffiti, event posters which litter the streets to tell a story
  • Compress space – Use longer focal lenses to compress the vastness of scenes (can also be abstracts)

Please email me if you’re interested in booking a session

If you’re unsure whether this is the course for you, give me a call on 07796757377 for a chat to discuss how I can help you


“Street photography in London – Marinovich Photography”

"Wayne Marinovich of Wayne Marinovich Photography"


Wayne Marinovich is a successful photographer and published author living in West Sussex in the UK. Through his love of the natural world, and a passion for photographing the urban landscape, he is now offering 1-2-1 tailored photographic sessions.

With 35 years of photography experience, these sessions will be geared around teaching you how to capture the images you’ve always imagined by making the most of your photographic equipment.

Wayne will help you to unleash your creativity and inspire you to see the world with fresh eyes through your viewfinder.