Wildlife Photography and Nature Walk

 “Wildlife photography in London – Marinovich Photography”


Wildlife Photography and Nature session (Bookings closed due to Covid-19)

A chance to do guided wildlife and nature photography around Bushy Park or Richmond Park. This one-to-one workshop is for those who would prefer having individual photography tuition rather than learning in a small group. Whether it’s re-composing an image of a deer or applying different composition rules to a landscape photo, we’ll address these areas in the field as you shoot, with me guiding you.

Having spent the past 12 years photographing in both parks, I will put you onto photography scenes which tell the story of the season we are shooting in. Have a look at my Wildlife and Nature portfolios to see what type of images we could be aiming for.

I offer two exciting walks so give me a call (07796757377), and we can discuss which one might suit you.


“Wildlife photography workshops in Bushy Park – Marinovich Photography”



Who is the course for?

  • Amateur Wildlife and Nature photographers who have been taking photos for a few years as a means to document the natural world.
  • Skill set: up to Intermediate skills (comfortable shooting in Aperture / Shutter speed priority or Manual)

It’s necessary to have a variety of lenses to capture the wide range of photographic opportunities we will have. The 24-400mm range will be ideal (longer lenses if you have them.)

Duration and Price

  • 4-hour session in Bushy or Richmond Park (30min theory refresh + 3:30min walk)
  • £150 one-to-one (or £250 bring a friend).


The content covered in the course

  • One-to-one photography tuition.
  • Discuss expectations and nature photography in the park (incl. ethics)
  • Get image feedback and critique as we walk and shoot (or reshoot).
  • Photograph using different composition rules
  • Understanding light (histogram).
  • Wildscapes (show the scale of the subject against the environment)
  • Patterns in nature.
  • Movement – Blur, Panning (if the opportunity presents itself).
  • Atmospheric lighting – Using colours to show warm and cold.
  • Less is more – Abstract in natures
  • Depth of field.


Please email me if you’re interested in booking a session

If you’re unsure whether this is the course for you, give me a call on 07796757377 for a chat to discuss how I can help you.


"Nature photography in London

"Wayne Marinovich of Wayne Marinovich Photography"


Wayne Marinovich is a successful photographer and published author living in West Sussex in the UK. Through his love of the natural world, and a passion for photographing the urban landscape, he is now offering 1-2-1 tailored photographic sessions.

With 35 years of photography experience, these sessions will be geared around teaching you how to capture the images you’ve always imagined by making the most of your photographic equipment.

Wayne will help you to unleash your creativity and inspire you to see the world with fresh eyes through your viewfinder.